Whirlpool 2 x 12,000BTU Split System
Whirlpool 2 x 12,000BTU Split System
Item #AMB892
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Available colors:  White


  • Heats & Cools
  • Dehumidifies and softly cools the room air
  • Re-circulates and filters the room air with anti allergy, dust reduction and deodorization technology
  • ‘I Feel’ climate control automatically selects best of six operating systems 
  • Sleep with adjustable temperature smart operation system
  • Fan Only operation which simply re-circulates and filters the room air
  • Semko Approved, CE Approved, 
  • Low noise operation
  • Whirlpool swing flap design with easy remote operation features
  • Whirlpool compressors are 10% more efficient that any other compressors
  • Whirlpool has 70% fewer moving parts which will have less chance of callbacks
  • Whirlpool has latest eight times quieter reciprocating technology
  • Each unit comes with complete tubing kits
  • New scroll and rotary type compressors
  • 220–240 Volt/50 Hertz